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What can be done with a redundant garage?

East Sussex architects, Karenna Wilford Architects are finding that many people with a garage have no need for one and they are often too small for modern cars. They are sometimes attached to the house and quite often have unattractive flat roofs. The ground floor area that a garage occupies provides the opportunity to offset this area against a potential new extension.

There might also be the possibility of replacing the garage with a double storey extension to provide additional bedroom accommodation at first floor level. The proximity of the garage to the property boundary will have an impact on what maybe possible in terms of the height of the extension.

Your neighbour has a right to light for their windows and any new extension will need to respect this.

Karenna Wilford Architects will discuss your requirements and design your extension to provide the accommodation that you need. On several projects we have relocated the kitchen and dining room into a new ground floor extension to provide a more modern and open plan layout.

Please contact us to find out how we can help.

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