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Can I convert the loft?

Updated: Jan 31

If you are considering a loft extension there are certain restrictions which need to be considered. It may look like a large space but it is unlikely that the existing beams will be sufficient to conform to current building regulations. This means that the beams may have to be increased in depth or width subject to an engineers specification. This will reduce the headroom slightly but the main reduction in height will come from the need to insulate between and over the roof rafters which of course brings the ceiling height down.


It is possible to increase the usable area of a loft conversion by adding a dormer, which can be in many configurations. Karenna Wilford Architects can advise you on what would be most appropriate depending on the existing roof structure and location of the building. If you are in a conservation area or the property is a listed building then there will be restrictions on what can be built. 


You will need to consider access into the loft and where a potential staircase could be located. The steps need to be a certain size and there is a minimum head height requirement of 2 metres on every tread. You will also need to consider fire escape and prevent fire spreading by confirming to building regulations requirements.


Karenna Wilford Architects have many years’ experience in creating different configurations for additional space.  

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