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What does a property finder do? Karenna Wilford Architects in Sussex provides the answers.

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Using a property finder makes finding your ideal property an enjoyable process. A property finder uses their experience and relationships with estate agents, auctioneers and other property related leads to match you to a short list of properties saving time and money. Knowledge of good schools, pleasure and leisure facilities, entertainment, eateries, and transport links is part of a property finder’s repertoire ensuring that a property purchase is right for their clients.

Karenna Wilford Architects - Property Finders in Kent
Property Finders in Kent

Louise Streets from Kent Home Finders gets to know you, and your family to understand exactly what you are looking for, your priorities and needs. Louise is well known and respected by estate agents in Kent and East Sussex and has the inside track on properties before they are released to market giving her clients priority access.

Kent Home Finders can negotiate on your behalf to secure a property based on the current market trends. Louise can take care of every aspect of home buying and moving recommending reliable companies with a proven track record – a truly bespoke service for every client!

Karenna Wilford Architects in Sussex highly recommends that you contact Louise to discuss your property search requirements.

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