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  • Karenna Wilford

What are EPCs and OCDEAs?

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and On-Construction Domestic Energy Assessors (OCDEAs) play pivotal roles in promoting sustainability in the built environment.

Energy Performance Certificates

EPCs offer a transparent assessment of a property's energy efficiency providing potential occupants with valuable insights into its environmental impact and operating costs. The certificate includes an energy efficiency rating, improvement recommendations, and information on carbon dioxide emissions, guiding individuals toward more informed and environmentally conscious decisions when buying, selling, or renting properties.

OCDEAs contribute to sustainable construction by assessing the energy performance of new buildings during the design phase. Their responsibilities include evaluating insulation, heating systems, and ventilation, providing recommendations for improvement, and ensuring compliance with energy efficiency regulations.

On-Construction Domestic Energy Assessors

Together, EPCs and OCDEAs serve as essential tools in fostering a greener future, promoting energy-efficient practices and reducing the carbon footprint of both existing and newly constructed buildings.

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