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Successful downsizing & future proofing your home

Karenna Wilford Architects, East Sussex have seen an increase in the number of people who want to downsize once their children have left home. The realisation that four, five or six bedrooms are no longer needed, often frees people up to consider what is important to them about their home and their future needs.


Some people are looking for fewer bedrooms and less grand living and sitting room spaces, as they want smaller spaces that feel less empty and even lonely. We have assisted clients in refurbishing properties to make them more economical to run and feel cosy and relaxed. Everybody has different ideas about what home means to them, and sometimes it can be hard to define. Many of us have walked into a property and had a feeling of connection with a house and that is the driver for deciding to purchase.


If people are moving to downsize and prepare for retirement, then they may be looking far ahead and wanting to future proof their homes. We have had clients wanting to have a ground floor space that could become a bedroom if mobility became an issue. Alternatively we have allowed for a suitable space for an individual lift that could be retrofitted when needed. Just allowing for simple things such as generous door widths will help with future access.


Some clients look for a single storey property to refurbish that suits their individual tastes and needs. Their current location maybe too rural and they like the idea of moving into a village or town where amenities and their interests are easily accessed. If you are considering either extending or purchasing a property to convert for future living, do contact us for advice.


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