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  • Karenna Wilford

East Sussex architects KWA offer EPC Services for New Builds!

We're thrilled to announce KWA now produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for new-build homes. After accreditation from Elmhurst Energy, a leading authority in energy assessment and certification, we're now equipped to provide comprehensive EPC services tailored specifically for newly constructed properties.

Comprehensive Energy Assessment: We're empowering homeowners with a detailed analysis of the energy performance of their newly constructed properties. This assessment not only meets regulatory requirements but also provides invaluable insights into the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the building with recommendations on how to improve your home.

Compliance with Regulations: In many regions, obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate is a legal requirement for all properties, including new builds. By partnering with us for your EPC needs, you can rest assured that your property meets all necessary regulatory standards, ensuring smooth compliance with local regulations and building codes.

Expertise and Accreditation: Our accreditation from Elmhurst Energy underscores our commitment to delivering quality EPC's. Elmhurst Energy is widely recognized for its expertise in energy assessment and certification, making their accreditation a mark of distinction and reliability.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your new build projects with our accredited EPC services.

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