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Do I need planning permission?

Whether you need planning permission will depend on many factors. Namely, is the building listed, in a conservation area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)? This maybe something that you were made aware of when you bought the property but councils do sometimes extend the boundary on conservation areas, and some newer properties have had their permitted development rights removed so it’s worth checking on your local council website.


Some extensions and other building work can be done under permitted development and it is important to check whether your proposed building works are allowed. If you are able to carry out the works as permitted development, then it means you can potentially save time and start building sooner than if you were waiting for planning permission. 


When you come to selling your property you will need a Lawful Development Certificate to prove that the building works have been carried out lawfully. It is best to apply for a certificate at the time of building, as what may be currently classed as permitted permitted development, could have changed in 10 years time.


Applying for a Lawful Development Certificate is similar to planning permission as you will have to supply architectural plans, elevations, a site plan, online forms and a statement about the work that has been carried out. The fee is about £103 and less than half the cost of the planning fee but that is really the only saving. We find a lot of our clients prefer to obtain full planning permission so that they have peace of mind and know they have full permission. Karenna Wilford Architects in East Sussex are happy to provide advice. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion on what maybe possible for your project?

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