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How much will construction costs increase in 2024? Karenna Wilford Architects in Sussex explains.

Updated: Mar 20


Construction Materials for Building in Sussex
Construction Materials for Building in Sussex

Construction costs in the UK are likely to rise by 3 - 3.8% this year according to a report by Currie and Brown, renown provider of cost management. The geopolitical effects of the Ukraine and Middle East conflicts create turmoil and uncertainty. Inflation also asserts a high impact on the construction industry, causing cost increases that remain volatile.  Predictions have been inaccurate after inflation seemed to be easing towards the end of 2023 and then had a surprising increase in December 2023.


There are still some material and skills shortages and a need for more workers to join the construction force.  KWA try to combat price increases by making sure that our drawings and written specification are produced at tender stage to protect the client once a project is on site under construction.


We work with our clients and go into a great deal of detail to make sure that there are minimal changes on site as they can be costly. Going out to tender and having competitive quotes reassure our clients that they are getting the best value for their money. Karenna Wilford Architects East Sussex are Chartered Architects and can oversee the construction phase by visiting site and checking the builders work and valuations to ensure that the client pays what is due rather than paying too much too soon.  Please contact us for a chat.

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